Italian Model Shows Off Nude Pics Then Reveals They Were Taken By Her PARENTS

Naike Rivelli is an Italian model and the daughter of Ornella Muti who was famous for appearing in the cult classic film, Flash Gordon. However Rivelli is now known for flashing something of her own.

The model has shared saucy pics in the past but with this new entry she created bit of a stir. In the new picture uploaded for fans on social media the 42 –year-old is seen posing in the mirror only wearing her hands to cover up her naughty bits. The caption of the original photo says:

“Who in the world took this picture of me? The man I don’t have? The woman I don’t have? The friends who aren’t here right now? Who?”

It turns out that the original photo was cropped and in the full frame she reveals that the nude photo was being taken by her mother… and her stepfather. WEIRD.

Jesus Christ, lady. Can’t you just post racy Instagram pics like a normal attention seeking person on the Internet? We all had a nice half-chub going but you had to ruin it by brining mom and dad into the picture. A lot of people responded by saying it was super awkward.

The naked fun time photos were snapped while the trio is vacationing in Moscow. Her mom ain’t no slouch either. After making her big acting splash in Flash Gordon was voted “The Most Beautiful Woman In The World” in 1994. 

Flash a-ah. Savior of the Universe! Break Poll!


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