James Kennedy Panics: Was He Scared After Lala Kent Went On 'WWHL' Without Him?

James Kennedy

James Kennedy appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Lala Kent a few months ago and fans were disappointed. James was arrogant and Lala kept swearing. Fans of Watch What Happens Live didn’t want to see them come back on the show, but Andy Cohen changed his mind about Lala after filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion. But when James Kennedy learned that Lala was back on the show without him, he admits he panicked a bit. 

According to a new report, James Kennedy wasn’t thrilled when he learned that Kent would be going back to New York without him. He may have felt that Lala was forgiven for her behavior, and he was being left in the dark.

“When I first heard about Lala getting on Watch What Happens Live, I must say I was a little confused as to why she was invited back and I wasn’t,” James revealed in an interview with Real Mr. Hosuewife. “I thought she was given another chance and I wasn’t and that made me feel very uncomfortable and on edge about the whole situation.” 

But James Kennedy admits that he may have overreacted. During her appearance, she admitted that she did cross the line. “However after I saw how great she looked and after how great she made her comeback from the last time I was very proud and happy for her,” James Kennedy said. “Lala and I are close friends that definitely have a soft spot for one another regardless of what was said this past season.” 

One can imagine that James would love to come back on Watch What Happens Live to promote his new music. But Andy just talked to Lala. He didn’t announce any plans to invite Kennedy to the show.

What do you think of James Kennedy’s reaction to Lala Kent going back on Watch What Happens Live?

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