James Kennedy Using SUR and 'Pump Rules' To Market His Music?

James Kennedy and Lala Kent

James Kennedy may have been that adorable boy with a British accent when he first joined Vanderpump Rules, but his attitude has completely changed when he started getting a taste of the reality TV fame. James bashed Kristen Doute, and he started thinking that everyone wanted him. And on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, he told Lisa Vanderpump that he helps bring people into SUR, as they want to listen to his music. 

According to a new report, James Kennedy is now taking advantage of SUR and his role with the restaurant, as he wants to start selling his music. “#PumpSessions is coming very soon and will be available for everyone. 10 original tracks featuring some good mates,” Kennedy revealed on Twitter, sharing a picture of a CD with the name “Pump” on it.

While one can imagine that Lisa Vanderpump has given her stamp of approval since he is using her name to promote the music, she does want to remind him that he’s only famous right now because of Vanderpump Rules. And she was shocked to see him expect more from her and the restaurant during Monday’s episode of the show.

“I wonder how Max feels, in the chair, hearing his friend talk to me like that. I make many allowances for James, but his time’s running out,” Vanderpump reveals in her own blog for Vanderpump Rules, sharing that she may demote him to busboy if he keeps thinking that he’s entitled to more power, responsibility and fame.

It’s great to see Vanderpump keeping James Kennedy in check and keeping his feet on the ground, so this whole reality thing doesn’t go to his head. She wants him to know that he has to work for everything.

What do you think of James Kennedy’s music? Would you buy this CD?

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