James Marchese Calls Andy Cohen An 'Elites Asshole'

James Marchese

James Marchese isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his thoughts about the Real Housewives franchise. James was a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a year, as his wife Amber Marchese decided to join the cast. When Teresa Giudice was arrested and put in prison, James thought that the show would go on without her. But when Bravo decided to put production on hold until Teresa was released, Marchese decided to lash out against Bravo. Amber is no longer filming the show, and James isn’t holding back. According to a new tweet, James Marchese is now lashing out at Andy Cohen himself.

“I’m not sure how you, Andy, never stress and seem to be cool with all the negativity your show has caused people. Your gain,” one person wrote to Andy, who defended the Real Housewives franchise, writing, “#WWHL only brings people joy and #RH has brought people great mindless entertainment. It’s a reality soap opera.” 

And that’s when James decided to write back to Andy Cohen with a harsh comment. “Tell Andy how it “only bring joy” f*cking delusional. #Eliteist asshole,” James Marchese replied to Andy’s tweet. Andy didn’t respond, but surely he didn’t appreciate being called an “eliteist asshole.”

But it is no secret that Marchese isn’t a fan of The Real Housewives or Teresa Giudice. He has been bashing her on Twitter, and he is currently writing a book about his own experiences on the show. And he promises to come clean about all kinds of behind-the-scenes shockers, including how production really happens. No one has ever opened up about this, so James’ book promises to be a juicy one with plenty of details.

What do you think of James Marchese calling Andy Cohen names? Do you think he’s burning all of the bridges with Bravo?

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