Janet Jackson's Separation and the Katherine Jackson Connection

Janet Jackson

Separation Seems Tied to Katherine Jackson Visit

4/9/2017 5:55 PM PDT


Janet Jackson‘s separation from Wissam Al Mana dovetailed almost perfectly with Katherine Jackson’s extended trip to London … and it looks a lot less like she went because she was afraid of her nephew.

Janet’s baby was born January 3, and Katherine left L.A. 3 weeks later for London.  Based on what we’re told she got on a plane on the heels of Janet’s separation.

Our sources say Janet put Katherine up in a London hotel and foot the bill.  Katherine stayed in London for 2 months, returning to L.A. March 30th under the watchful eye of daughter Rebbie, who was also in London with her for a time during Katherine’s visit.

Sources connected with some of Katherine’s children claim Katherine went to London because she feared her nephew Trent, who’s now in the middle of a nasty legal/family fight in which there are allegations he stole from Katherine and abused her … something he strongly denies.

Sources connected with Trent believe Katherine wasn’t even aware allegations were being made against Trent, and was distracted by the baby and Janet’s separation.  They say the only reason she returned was because the handwriting was on the wall and the judge was about to throw out the case against Trent unless she returned.  The sources say Jermaine and others realized she needed to come back.

Katherine has not returned to her Calabasas home … she’s been staying with Rebbie.  As far as we know Katherine has not seen Michael Jackson’s kids since returning, despite being their legal guardian. Sources on Trent’s side believe certain family members don’t want the grandkids to get in Katherine’s ear.

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