Jason Priestley Punched Harvey Weinstein In The Face In 1995

Jason Priestley


For people who don’t know, in the 90s, Beverly Hills 90210 was every CW show in one times like a million. Jason Priestley was the star of that show. And Jason Priestley just admitted to punching Harvey Weinstein in the face at Miramax’s 1995 Golden Globes party.



I guess this was probably why Priestley was supposed to be the breakout star of the show in the 90s and now you have to Google “who is Jason Priestley?” in 2017. Obviously, he didn’t punch Harvey Weinstein to defend a woman’s honor, but the point of the story here is Harvey Weinstein was cracked in the jaw at his own party. #repspect


Recap: One guy in this video punched Harvey Weinstein in his face, one guy got Megan Fox pregnant three times, and one is in all the Sharknado movies.


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