Jax Taylor Backlash: People Not Happy With Him After 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor is known as the guy who can’t really get his life straight. His ex-girlfriend told him he was 35 years old and had no ambitions last year. And it sounds like nothing has really changed, even though he has moved on to another girlfriend and is solving his legal problems. According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he has no patience to listen to people’s thoughts or opinions after he told Tom Sandoval that he was the leader of the group. Plus, Jax revealed that he wouldn’t want to pay for Brittany’s breast augmentation unless she got what he wanted.

“Can’t get over how lucky I am to have this one, takes a lot to deal with my crazy self, I love you more every day,” Taylor revealed on social media as he was in Hawaii with his girlfriend, Brittany. However, many Vanderpump Rules fans decided to tweet him with their opinions after he came across as rude and ignorant during Monday’s episode of the show. And he wasn’t willing to listen to their opinions, writing, “Man I am blocking everyone tonight!! Keep em coming.”

Even though he kept blocking people throughout the night, many people just asked him to question his own views sometimes. Many of his friends are trying to do something, including Tom Schwartz’s modeling and Tom Sandoval’s band, but Jax isn’t doing much. 

“Don’t you think it’s about time you grow up? Seriously [dude] how old are you? #PumpRules,” one person wrote, while she later added, “oh look at that he blocked me. #crymeariver #itstheendoftheworld #cantstandtheheat #getouttathekitchen #PumpRules.”

But other people were also willing to share their thoughts with the threat of possibly getting blocked by the Vanderpump Rules star.

“Maybe grow up show respect and then you won’t have to block people #youaintgodsgift looks fade and what’s left is character,” another follower wrote to Jax Taylor after the episode aired, while a third wrote, “seriously why not reply, stick up for yourself if u get pissed. Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to other peeps opinions,” and a fourth person added, “kind of hypocritical though can’t say peeps get mad at u 4 speaking the truth but in reverse u get upset #takeitinstride.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s behavior?

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