Jeb Bush Tweeted A Picture Of A Gun & Twitter Is Concerned

On Tuesday presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted a picture of a gun with the caption “America.”

It was a pretty sweet handgun with “Gov. Jeb Bush” engraved on the barrel so everyone knows it’s his. While it is unclear the intention of his tweet, the Twitterverse quickly responded with some folks concerned, urging the former Governor of Florida not to do anything stupid.

So why did JEB! post the gun photo now?

Supposedly Donald Trump bought Jeb’s website URL sometime late last year. Apparently the Bush campaign forgot to renew the domain.  So when you type in it instead redirects to – which would be a pretty baller move on the part of The Donald.

However as the Internet does, for some reason Tuesday this forgotten yet still humorous information began trending again and was reported anew by several websites.  It should be pointed out that it is apparent that Donald Trump’s campaign did not actually purchase the domain, but rather some pranksters did- which in a weird way makes this even more embarrassing. …I mean, it will be OK Jeb!

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