Jeffrey Sandusky Allegedly Tried to Justify Nude Pics … 'It's Not Weird, I Studied Medicine'

2/13/2017 12:51 PM PST

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Jeffrey Sandusky allegedly tried to coax his accuser into sending him naked photos by saying, “It’s not weird” because he “studied medicine” … this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports. 

The report mentions TWO underage accusers (referred to as “Victim #1” and “Victim #2”) who appear to be siblings. Victim #2 is a female. The report does mention the sex of Victim #1. 

Victim #1 claims Sandusky was dating his/her mother but made inappropriate sexual advances on him/her. Victim #1 claims Jeffrey secretly asked for naked photos and tried to “guilt” him/her into sending them … but was rebuffed. 

Victim #1 claims he/she repeatedly tried to shut Sandusky down and compared his actions to a “rapist” or an “abuser.”

Victim #1 claims Sandusky apologized for his behavior and said he “knew it was wrong.”

Victim #1 told police he/she was also suspicious that Sandusky had been peeping on him/her during showers. 

As for Victim #2, cops say she was under 16-years-old when Sandusky solicited her for oral sex roughly 3 years ago. 

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller has issued  a statement saying, “All children have a right to feel safe. We will prosecute this case aggressively as we do all child abuse cases.”

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