Jim Carrey Says Dead Girlfriend Used Bad Wax Job to Frame Him For Herpes

Jim Carrey

Dead Girlfriend Used Bad Wax Job

to Frame Me For Herpes

9/29/2017 3:04 PM PDT

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Jim Carrey has fired back at the mother of his former girlfriend who committed suicide, saying the girlfriend tried to extort him by falsely accusing him of giving her herpes.

Jim is in a battle royale lawsuit over the death of Cathriona White, who killed herself in 2015, shortly after Jim broke up with her.

White’s widower and her mom are suing Carrey, claiming he was responsible for her death. They allege in their lawsuit she was distraught over getting herpes, allegedly from Jim.

Carrey says White did indeed text him back in 2013 that she had bumps on her vagina, but he says she actually got those bumps from a wax job. He goes on to say White, with her lawyer, falsely tried to shake Jim down for several million dollars, claiming he gave her an STD.

Jim says the reality … White had herpes before they even met. As for the wax job, Jim says White and her lawyer used the bumps she got as trumped up evidence of what they said was herpes and tried to pin it on him.

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