Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston Lined With Clothes, Toys, Towels

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

Houston Flood Victims Arrive

to Clothes, Toys & Towels

8/29/2017 7:08 PM PDT

Joel Osteen‘s Houston mega-church is open in Houston … and refugees are getting an official greeting from a ton of donated items.

Lakewood Church’s lobby has been lined by piles of books, towels, toys, diapers, clothing and more … a stark contrast to what it looked like a mere 24 hours ago

As we reported, Osteen finally opened the church’s doors Tuesday afternoon. Some believed he didn’t do so sooner because he didn’t want the place to get ruined. The church however blamed the delay on high-water surrounding the near 17,000 capacity venue, although a hotel across the street didn’t have any problems taking in evacuees.

It’s interesting … while the lobby looks crammed, the church’s main hall still looks empty, but we’re expecting that will change. 

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