John Mayer Thinks Affleck's The Accountant Is a Batman Movie

Now that Die Hard is officially a Christmas movie, pop star John Mayer is claiming that The Accountant is actually a Batman movie that tells Bruce Wayne’s origin story. On the surface, The Accountant and Batman only share one thing, which is actor Ben Affleck. But, Mayer was able to unearth some pretty convincing evidence to back up his theory and many of his followers on social media are standing in his corner, trying to spread the truth about The Accountant and Batman. Has John Mayer cracked some kind of Hollywood code?

Ben Affleck portrays a math savant in The Accountant who is hired to uncook the books for a new client as the Treasury Department closes in on his activities. It becomes violent as Affleck’s Christian Wolff uses some heavy guns to defend himself and attack others, which isn’t outside of Batman’s wheelhouse based on his controversial Batman v Superman stance on killing. For many, that’s where the similarities end, but according to John Mayer, they’ve barely scratched the surface of this impossible prequel mashup.

After John Mayer learned that Die Hard is officially a Christmas movie, he took to Twitter with his Batman and The Accountant theory. Mayer uses his imagination quite well to conjure up the similarities in the two movies, making an impressive argument. He explains.

“Here we go: it’s a Bruce Wayne origin story. We see that he is both trained in fighting and accounting. His father was shot. His trailer/storage space is the first bat-cave. He is beginning to acquire great wealth. His brother will become his arch nemesis.”

Obviously, Mayer is having some fun on Twitter, but it’s a pretty good argument. People may end up going back to watch The Accountant with John Mayer’s theory fresh in their brains, seeing the movie in a new light.

Ben Affleck’s future as Batman is looking pretty grim at the moment and it looks like the Flashpoint movie may end up as the last time that we see him as the Dark Knight. Affleck has been quiet about his return, but it appears that Matt Reeves is already looking for a replacement for The Batman, which is still scheduled for a 2019 release and production is expected to begin this spring if everything runs smooth. Ben Affleck has instead talked about wanting to direct a Batman movie, so we’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out.

John Mayer’s theory about The Accountant being a Batman movie hasn’t been gaining a ton of momentum, but his fans back the theory all of the way. Ben Affleck has yet to respond to Mayer’s claims, but he can’t be quiet about this one for long. While we wait for the confirmation form Mr. Affleck, you can read the comical theory below, courtesy of John Mayer’s Twitter account.

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