Johnny Depp — Slew of Witnesses in Amber Heard Trial … And Secret Photo


0808_amber_johnny-tmxJohnny Depp is locked and loaded for his trial next month … his lawyers have submitted a list of nearly 2 dozen witnesses to support his claim … Amber Heard is lying when she says he brutalized her.

Among the witnesses …

— The 2 responding officers on May 21 — the night Amber says Johnny attacked her. Both officers will testify they saw no evidence of injury nor was anything broken in the loft.

—  5 concierges in the building, all of whom saw Amber between May 21 and May 27, and all of whom have said in depositions they saw no injuries on Amber’s face.

2 security guards who were in the unit on May 21, who will testify Johnny did not strike Amber.

Jodi Gottlieb, Amber’s publicist. We’re told Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, tried taking Gottlieb’s deposition but she was not available. And Gottlieb is important because she was allegedly present during discussions between Amber and her lawyer.

— And then there’s Hilda Vargas, the housekeeper. According to the witness list, “Ms. Vargas will testify about a discovery in the home.” The documents do not describe the discovery.

— Of course, Amber is on the witness list. She will be called as a hostile witness.

There are also a number of exhibits listed, including Amber’s domestic violence arrest report from the State of Washington and documents from the Australian dog smuggling case. We’re told Depp’s lawyers will press the point that Amber lied when she said she didn’t know it was illegal to bring the dogs into the country.

And finally, this … a mysterious photo. Johnny’s legal docs explain, “For privacy reasons, this exhibit is being served on petitioners [Amber and team] and will be supplied to the court at the time of hearing.”

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