‘Justice League’ Is Three Hours Long

Justice League


If you were worried you’d suffer in silence through a ridiculously long  Justice League  because Zack Snyder is out here thinking he’s Peter Jackson, sorry. Shit’s gonna be long.

IMDb has listed Justice League‘s runtime as 170 minutes or 2 hours 50 minutes. That’s a good 20 minutes longer than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s theatrical cut which came in at a little more than two-and-a-half hours.

Zack Snyder claims this is just the “first cut” and The Wrap seems pretty confident it’s not since their “individual with close knowledge of the project” told them, The Watchmen was 163 minutes and Batman vs Superman was 151 and they had to add 30 mins to the “Ultimate Cut” for the movie to kinda make sense. So yeah, Justice League probably won’t be 170 minutes. It’ll be like 165 minutes. 45 minutes of that will be Snyder’s usual slo mo bukkakke and 50 minutes will probably the theater blowing on the cartridge because the video game is skipping.



The cast (minus Gal Gadot) showed up at CinemaCon. They look like they each got a different dress code in their invites.


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