Justin Bieber Back On Cavs Bandwagon, Done With Dubs?

Justin Bieber

Back On Cavs Bandwagon

… Done With Dubs?

5/19/2017 1:15 PM PDT

ALL ABOARD!! Justin Bieber‘s back on the Cleveland Cavs bandwagon! 

Case in point: his concert in Cape Town, South Africa a couple nights ago — where he was rocking a pair of Cavaliers throwback shorts.

If you’ll recall, the Biebs was decked out in Golden State Warriors gear back in March … but also wore a custom LeBron James jersey at a show in Cleveland last year. You know … the same gig where he predicted LBJ would bring home a championship.

No word on who JB’s picking to win this year … or who he’s rooting for if and when the Cavs meet the Dubs in the Finals.

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