Justin Bieber Deleted His Instagram Because Selena Gomez Was Hatin

Justin Bieber

When you have psychotic fans and post pics of your 17-year old girlfriend, you might run into some issues in the comment section. Justin Bieber‘s biggest issue was Selena Gomez

Long story short, Bieber warned his fans that he was going to make his Instagram private they didn’t stop talking shit about Sofia Richie. Besides not understanding how Instagram work, Selena Gomez jumped in the comments. 

Justin Bieber

Now we can ask why Bieber’s ex-gf is commenting on shit that’s none of her business, or we can talk about how Bieber claims Selena used him for attention if we forget that she already on TV while he was playing drums on a street corner for YouTube hits. Or we can talk about how Selena just casually said he cheated on her multiple times then ended it with, “All love”. Seems passive aggressive. Then there’s this. 

Justin Bieber

So Selena Gomez fucked Zayn Malik? Good for him. He’s had a good run lately (very good run). Anyway, Bieber’s Instagram is deactivated now since I assume someone told him that’s the only way people can’t leave comments. And apparently this is being chalked up as a win for Selena even though they both sound like assholes. This concludes the drama you didn’t know you needed today. 

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