Justin Bieber's Beverly Hills House is a Hollywood Filming Hot Spot

Justin Bieber

New House Almost As Famous As Me

… You’ve Seen It On TV

10/25/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Justin Bieber‘s Beverly Hills home is no stranger to the Hollywood treatment — before he lived there … it was a revolving door for all sorts of TV and photo shoots. 

Justin’s bachelor pad rental has played host to at least 18 shoots dating back to 2010 — according to film and photography permits filed for the address.

The most recent was issued in early September for a “Call of Duty” ad where the backyard was featured. Car companies love it too — the crib’s been the temporary “home” to Lincolns, Buicks, Acuras and Chryslers.

It’s also been used as a location for a pilot episode of a TV show.

The lengthy resume might explain why Justin has to fork out $55k/month to live there. 

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