Justin Verlander Shows Off Super Rare $450k Ford GT

Justin Verlander

Adds Super Rare $450k Ford GT

… to Stacked Car Collection

11/21/2017 12:16 PM PST

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Here’s the latest evidence that Justin Verlander’s life is infinitely better than 99.9% of men in America … his brand spankin’ new 2017 Ford GT — a supercar worth AT LEAST $450k!!!

Ford has only released 500 of the ’17 GTs — despite more than 7,000 people reportedly applying to buy one. Verlander made the cut. NASCAR phenom Joey Logano and WWE superstar John Cena did too.

You can tell from the video … Verlander’s PUMPED to be joining the club.

It’s been an epic month for Justin — winning the World Series and locking down Kate Upton for life — so why not keep the party going with another half-million-dollar whip, right?! 


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