Kanye Has Gone Full Kanye



When we last caught up with Kanye West, he told a crowd in San Jose that he didn’t vote, but would’ve voted for Trump. Apparently that was just the appetizer before the seven course crazy Kanye served up at his concert in Sacramento on Saturday night that only lasted two songs until he went into a 15-min rambling ass rant about Beyoncé, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, the radio, MTV, and other shit then walked off the stage. Here’s a part of the rant I picked out, because like I said, it was like 15-mins.

“The Saint Pablo tour is more relevant than radio and if y’all keep following old models, your ass is going to be Hillary Clinton. You might not like it, but they gotta hear it. I ain’t here to massage you with a fake truth, telling you that Hillary gon’ win over and over and over and then you wake up [and] you still can’t believe it! You know why? Because you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg.

If you take out “The Saint Pablo tour is more relevant than radio and”, it’s kinda hard to argue with that. Everybody wants to know what drugs Kanye is now on/off now, but let’s not forget he’s an only child. It happens. Since all this happened, he canceled his LA show hours before it started, living in pure Twitter mentions hell because of Beyonce fans, and is just sitting at home posting pics from fashion catalogs on Instagram (99 so far). I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but it should be fun.


And if you’re in a bad place and want to feel better about your mental health, you can read the full transcript of Kanye’s Sacramento rant over at The Fader.


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