Kanye West Tells White Critics To Stop Commenting On Black Music

Kanye West

Kanye West went on another Twitter rant on Monday. This time he called out specific publications in the media over their reviews of his latest album. West stated that he wants white people to stop commenting on black music.

West has been on a roll lately with his Twitter posts. It was just this weekend he leaked that he’s $53 million in debt, and prior to that he was in the middle of a feud with Taylor Swift over song lyrics. Now he’s sounding off on his opinions regarding money, fame, and his The Life of Pablo album, People reports.

“People wanted me to tweet again well here’s some tweets!” the 38-year-old tweeted Monday just before the Grammy Awards kicked off.

Kanye West began hitting back at Pitchfork for its review of his new album. He then went on a tirade against two other notable sources that they, too, should stop doling out their reviews of black music.

“Pitchfork, the album is a 30 out of 10,” West wrote. “To Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York Times, and any other white publication. Please do not comment on black music anymore.”

Many of his fans weren’t impressed with his messages. They were deemed “racist” and offensive, but Kanye responded once again, tweeting: “I love love love white people but you don’t understand what it means to be the great grandson of ex slaves and make it this far.”

The hip hop star added that the “system is designed for colored people to fail” and that one of their “only voices is music.”

People reports that a source revealed Kim and Kanye’s finances are separate. The insider maintains that West will “talk about ‘my money’ and ‘her money.’”

Kayne West telling white people to stop commenting on black music is also insulting to his white fans. How far will Kanye go in making outrageous demands from fellow professionals, fans, and critics?

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