Kardashians Sued — We Want Our Cut For Making You Rich And Famous!!


0615-kardashian-instagram-02The Kardashians and some Jenners made untold millions and aced out a company that did nothing but help … so claims the company that is now suing the family.

Agency for the Performing Arts caters to huge brands like Marriott hotels and Lamborghini. They claim they had a verbal agreement in 2009 with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, but no Rob — to help make deals. The Agency was supposed to get a 15% cut.

APA says the Kardashians made millions after they locked deals for clothing, footwear, accessories, and hair products.

The suit claims the family pulled the plug on their deal back in March 2015, and since then the APA claims it hasn’t seen a dime.

APA wants a ton of money.

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