Kate Hudson Is Banging Diplo, Possibly Dating Him Now

Kate Hudson

BREAKING: Kate Hudson has a type. 

Kate Hudson has found her boy of summer: Diplo. “They are dating,” a source reveals a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.  The actress and the DJ, both 37, who exited NYC’s Met Gala together in May, connected in mid-July near Ibiza, Spain, the insider says.

Us Weekly was nice enough to add this at the end of the second paragraph in their article entitled, “Kate Hudson Is Dating Diplo“. 

(His rep denies the romance.)

Maybe that should have been in the first paragraph? Who knows. Last time I heard of Diplo, he was banging this. Look, if you’re a white guy and you’re in some sort of band or have a laptop that plays music to a room full of people on molly, Kate Hudson will bang you. Plain and simple. She might even get pregnant. Her ass looks like this at 37, and she wears stuff like this to DreamWorks Animation movie premieres. Kate Hudson is just down to smash at any time, and either you can keep up or you can’t. Deal with it. Also, I didn’t know this, but Diplo’s real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz. He sounds like he owns slaves or would like to own slaves at some point. Not sure why I felt the need to include his real name here, but I enjoy sharing things that I learn. For instance, Taco Bell’s new Triple Double Crunchwrap is well worth the $3.49 asking price. 

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