Kate Upton Lost Her Shit On Twitter Because Verlander Didn’t Win The Cy Young

Kate Upton


Kate Upton, who recently told black people what they should be angry about, went full on Kanye megaton on Twitter last after the Baseball Writers’ Association of America didn’t give her fiancée, Justin Verlander, the Cy Young Award. Like, she legit had a meltdown. Let’s witness it all again.


Just FYI, she’s talking to Rick Porcello. The dude who won. He was Verlander’s teammate for 5 years in Detroit. Then he realized he was playing in Detroit and signed with the Boston Red Sox.

Then she floated a conspiracy theory:

The she got into arguments with people and called them idiots, but used “your” twice:

I was going to write this long thing to explain why she’s still dumb, but this pretty much explains it.

In keeping with my Kate Upton posts tradition, here’s the Cat Daddy video.



#tbt when she thought Verlander was gonna win the Cy Young.


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