Kathy Griffin Cuts Ties with Lisa Bloom Over Trump Beheading Photo, Press Conference

Kathy Griffin

Hard Break with Lisa Bloom …

Over Trump Beheading Pic

10/22/2017 3:58 PM PDT

Kathy Griffin has apparently cut off her old attorney Lisa Bloom … and it all seems to be traced back to her Trump beheading photo and subsequent press conference.

Kathy tweeted (without much context) early Sunday morning, telling @LisaBloom to “pls stop calling me” and that if she wanted to talk … she’d have to refund her the “tens of thousands of $$ I wasted on your services” for Kathy to even consider it. 

Lisa responded Sunday afternoon claiming Kathy’s attacks were unwarranted … adding she even went way off script during their press conference back in June. You’ll recall … Kathy said President Trump and his family were bullying her, and attempting to ruin her career

As you watch the video now … you see Lisa staring at Kathy in disbelief as she speaks. Lisa says Kathy is her first client to not stick to prepared comments they both agreed to — she also says she got death and rape threats as a result of partnering with Kathy.

Still … Lisa says she wishes Kathy the best, and even thinks she meant no ill will with the photo. In other words … see ya. 

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