Kathy Griffin Hired A Lawyer And Is Holding A Press Conference Today

Kathy Griffin


Kathy Griffin has hired Lisa Bloom, a high-profile celebrity lawyer who has also represented the women accusers of Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly. Why? For the most 2016-2017 reason of all.

“Earlier this week, Ms. Griffin released a controversial photograph of herself posing with a faux-bloody mask of Donald Trump’s face. Ms. Griffin and Ms. Bloom will explain the true motivation behind the image, and respond to the bullying from the Trump family she has endured.”

Bullying? This is what we’re doing? What the fuck did you think was gonna happen? But, okay. Cool. Conservatives now have another “out of touch Hollywood elite” and “special snowflake” they can decapitate and hold up then next time something happens. Thanks, Kathy. I really don’t give a fuck if this hurt Trump’s feelings, it was tasteless and vile. Yes, the same tasteless and vile shit that Obama endured for 8 years. How about we not do it anymore, k? And if you’re defending holding up a severed heard covered in blood is somehow art, pull the partisan hack out of your ass. But a press conference and a lecture about online bullying because your joke was lame so you can make an even bigger issue of an issue you totally created yourself? I’m here for this drama right now. Thank you, Kathy. Means a lot. Be sure to appear makeup free so people will know just how much you’ve suffered.


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