Katy Perry And Other People Are Performing In London This Weekend

Katy Perry


Two days ago, a suicide bomber blew himself up after an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 people (mostly kids) and wounding 59 others (also, mostly kids), in Manchester. After that, the UK raised their terror threat to critical. But good news, everyone. Katy Perry and The Chainsmokers are coming to perform this weekend. Be sure to head out with your kids and loved ones.

Katy Perry, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes and The Chainsmokers are not bowing to the terrorists, because they’re fully committed to performing in England this weekend … with an asterisk.  They’re all performing at the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend Saturday and Sunday, and all have pledged to take the stage as planned. Here’s the rub. 50,000 people are expected to attend, and the fan base is young … similar to the crowd at Ariana Grande’s ill-fated concert. Our sources say the various teams representing the artists are working with the venue to ramp up security in a huge way. We’re told security was already at red alert level, but it pales by comparison to the new plan keeping the venue and the crowd safe.

Pretty awesome of them to not bow to terrorists by getting 50,000 people together in a confined area in a country that just pretty much accepts getting shredded by a nail bomb as just another day in the life. Because haven’t you heard? Love conquers all. Hugs not hate will defeat terrorism. That must be why all those victims from Monday have come back to life. Too bad if you don’t believe that. You must be racist. I feel so sorry for you. Something about Timothy McVeigh and The Crusades and George Bush.


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