Ken Bone Was The Winner Of The 2nd Presidential Debate: Best Memes & Tweets

No matter which side you are on, last night’s presidential town hall debate was an awkward, brutal, cringe-worthy reminder that one of the two people that were on that stage is going to be the next leader of the free world. That is why the Internet was relieved to discover a true American hero at the debate to represent the common man. A man by the name Kenneth Bone who addressed our possible future presidents while rocking an amazing red cardigan sweater.

Mr. Bone was part of a group of “undecided voters” who were allowed to ask the candidates questions during the debate. Here is my thing: at this point during the presidential election if you are still “undecided” on which of these two wildly different and opposing candidates you should vote for, you should probably just stay home on Election Day. How do you not have a choice by now? Either way you go, just PICK ONE! However I’m going to give good old Ken Bone a pass since he totally crushed it with his question to Donald and Hillary.

His happy demeanor and honest question about creating an energy policy that is “environmentally friendly while minimizing job loss” was pretty straight forward, but it was his charm that cut the tension in this apocalyptic event.  It was like Santa Claus showed up out of nowhere to cheer everyone up in the midst of the horror that is the 2016 presidential election. Later Ken explained his choice in wearing the red sweater which as he says has become more famous than he is. He was originally going to wear a suit, but he split his pants getting out of his car. Classic Ken Bone!

To avoid talking about the real issues that matter, here are the best memes, tweets and reactions to Ken Bone!


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