Kendall Jenner Shopping for New Home after Stalker and Robbery Issues

Kendall Jenner

Mom Was Right …

I Gotta Get a New Home for Safety

6/13/2017 11:20 AM PDT


Kendall Jenner learned the hard way that you should always listen to mom … she’s looking for a new home after some super scary encounters with criminals.

We’ve learned Kendall wants out of the neighborhood after an alleged stalker followed her right up her driveway. She was also robbed blind by someone who got into her bedroom and took $200k in jewelry.

Kendall is clearly doing well for herself. She bought her current home a year ago, just above the Sunset Strip, for $6.5 million. She’s now looking for homes with a much higher price point — $15 MILLION! She’s looking on the Westside of L.A. — Bel Air and Bev Hills.

As we reported, Kris Jenner never wanted Kendall to buy the home she’s in, because it’s not gated and it’s located in an area where lots of people show up late at night for after-parties following a night on the Strip.

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