Kentucky Fried Chicken Scented Candle On Sale Just In Time For The Holidays!

Does the smell of a Double Double wafting out of a greasy paper bag make you feel right at home? Then Kentucky Fried Chicken New Zealand has got the perfect stocking stuffer for you. For a limited time only KFC franchises will be offering up not just buckets half full of mouthwatering chicken thighs, wings and breasts but KFC scented candles!

The announcement was made on KFC New Zealand’s Instagram account this week. This isn’t the first time that a fast food outlet has tried to expand into the aroma market. Previous “food for the nose” cross overs have included Burger King’s Whopper Scented Perfume

And who could forget Pizza Hut Perfume. You can smell like a stuffed crust peperoni with extra cheese for date night!

The Pizza Hut Perfume had at least one customer hungry for more.

This also is not the first time a food scented candle was made either. Someone went ahead with a “bacon sandwhich” candle scent as well.

Which brings up the question; would you want to smell someone wearing KFC perfume or cologne?  KFC’s social media team even offered its followers a chance to come up with other types of KFC inspired merchandize they could offer fried chicken fans for sale. One suggestion included a KFC flavored postage stamp.  I think if we put our minds to it, we can really come up with even better items for Colonel Sanders to roll out in the New Year.



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