Kevin Durant Almost Stand Up Paddleboarding in Maui

Kevin Durant

This SUP Stuff Ain’t for 7-Footers!

9/4/2017 11:01 AM PDT

What helps Kevin Durant dominate on the court, makes him suck at stand up paddleboarding.

KD totally looked like a fish (a really big one) out of water as he attempted to get up on a board in Maui. Looks like he quickly discovered 7 feet — or just under that — is a whole lot of body to balance, but it is Labor Day weekend after all.

Kev eventually opted for the not-as-cool, yet way more stable move of paddling from his knees.

Can’t knock the hustle, but maybe he should take a page out of his teammate Steph Curry‘s Hawaiian playbook when it comes to beach activities.

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