Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hit in Robbery, Cars Burglarized

Kim & Kanye

Burglar Trashes Three Cars …

Gets Almost NOTHING

10/20/2017 9:25 AM PDT


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got hit by a burglar who ransacked 3 of their luxury vehicles, and made a getaway … but not before surveillance cameras captured the alleged perp.

According to law enforcement sources … the burglary went down around 4 AM PT Friday in their Bel Air mansion. We’re told the suspect never entered the home, but trashed the cars in the driveway. After all that … we’re told all he got was 1 iPhone, which belongs to one of Kim & Kanye’s staffers. 

Our sources say security at the house spotted the guy and chased him off the property. We’re told investigators were given this image — from a surveillance system.

The guy didn’t stop with the Wests. We’re told he also hit their next door neighbor Kathy Griffin‘s place. Again, he trashed a car in the driveway and this time got a purse.

Guess he was disappointed … since we’re told the purse was ditched nearby.  

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