Klay Thompson In 1-Man EDM Dance Party at Chinese Nightclub

Klay Thompson

1-Man EDM Dance Party!

6/28/2017 1:32 PM PDT

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Here’s video of Klay Thompson going full EDM DANCE MANIAC at a nightclub in China — fist-pumpin’ and tongue-waggin’ like his life depended on it … and it’s pretty awesome.

Klay posted up next to the DJ booth at Face Club in Shenzhen on Wednesday — when Tiesto’s track “The Right Song” took hold.

Thompson got super into the music — he spun. He crotch-grabbed. He bounced around a lot. Everyone loved it. 

One person at the club tells TMZ Sports there’s a good reason Klay wasn’t mobbed — he had a full team of bodyguards watching his back so he could let loose.  


Steph Curry has weighed in with an emoji reaction … 

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