Kris Jenner Shooting New House-Flipping TV Show Starring Scott Disick

Kris Jenner

You’re Gonna Flip

Over My New Show with Scott!!

5/6/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Kris Jenner is trying to become Ryan Seacrest, because we’ve learned she’s producing a new show about flipping houses starring the estranged baby daddy of her daughter.

Scott Disick is the star, with a supporting cast … it will also feature Scott’s business partner, the Kardashian’s go-to realtor, Tomer Fridman, and a contractor named Mickey.  

Here’s the way it goes. Tomer shows Scott and his partner homes, they plunk down money, Mickey fixes them up and Tomer sells the crib for a hefty profit.

The show is called “Royally Flipped,” a takeoff on “Royally F**ked”

We’re told they’re already shooting the pilot at 2 homes … one in Malibu and another in the San Fernando Valley. E! has the first right of refusal.

Here’s what’s crazy. We’re told Scott and Kourtney are fighting these days … not getting along at all. Yet Kris will be the Executive Producer of a show staring her daughters at-the-moment nemesis.

That’s showbiz.

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