Kyle Richards Cleaning Up: Some Friends Are Out

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is back on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without her sister this year and she’s learning that she’s still worrying about Kim Richards, even though she’s not filming the show. Kyle met up with Adrienne Maloof to discuss her family issues and it is clear that she’s still struggling with some emotions. But with Kim at home, Kyle can focus on other friendships on the show. According to a new Instagram post, Kyle Richards is hinting that she’s cleaning up her group of friends.

“So true,” Kyle Richards revealed to an imagine she shared on Instagram, which read, “The older I get the more selective I am of who is in my tribe. I would rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.”

Richards’ loyalty has been questioned this season, as Faye Resnick returned to the show. Faye returned because Kyle decided to invite her to a party, where Kathryn Edwards was present. Faye had written a book about Nicole Simpson after her death, and she decided to include a passage or two about Kathryn – without ever having met her. Despite this, Kyle stood by Faye and wanted her to continue what she was doing, even though Kathryn was clearly hurt.

Kyle and Kathryn haven’t really become good friends and it is possible that Edwards is keeping her distance from Richards, because she knows of Richards’ dedication to her friendship with Faye. So Kyle’s quote could be referring to someone other than Kathryn and Faye – it is possible that she’s cleaning up in her friends outside of the show. But it sounds like she doesn’t regret her decision to lower the number of friends she has.

What do you think of Kyle Richards’ statement about her friends? Do you think she considers Faye Resnick one of her best friends, even though she did some horrible things to Kyle’s co-stars?

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