Kylie Jenner Signs Puma Deal Over Kanye's Objections

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is officially on Team Puma, whether Kanye West likes it or not. 

Entertainment Tonight reports the 18-year-old reality star will feature prominently in the brand’s Spring/Summer women’s training campaign, starting in April.

“I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that PUMA is indeed working with Kylie Jenner,”  Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing for Puma, told ET in a statement.

“Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion and we couldn’t think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign.”

The announcement comes a little over a week after Kylie’s brother-in-law Kanye West took to Twitter to express his opposition to the deal.

“1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That’s on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!,” West tweeted on February 9. “Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back!!! Never try to divide the family.”

West posted his disapproval after it was reported that Jenner will be paid seven figures for the new deal.

Of course, Kanye has been posting a wide range of outrageous opinions on Twitter recently, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Jenner didn’t go along with his wishes.

For example, West posted that Bill Cosby was innocent, presumably referencing the numerous rape allegations against the legendary comedian. That tweet was also sent out on February 9, about an hour after West’s tweet about Kylie and Puma. 

It’s been a pretty rough week for the ‘Life of Pablo’ rapper, who recently re-ignited his infamous feud with Taylor Swift because of the lyrics in one of his new songs. Swift not so subtly took a shot at West during her acceptance speech for Album of the Year at the Grammys last Sunday and then on Thursday, audio of Kanye backstage at Saturday Night Live was leaked to the New York Post. West reportedly called Swift a “fake ass”. 

As for Kylie, she recently talked to ET about advice she has received about becoming a businesswoman from other prominent female members of her family.

“Be nice to everybody, and just behave well,” Kylie said of her mom Kris Jenner’s advice. “Do what you love. I like to do stuff that I’m passionate about and believe in.”

“I feel like [Kris] has a huge influence on all of us.”

Certainly more influence than Kanye, it would seem.

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