Kylie Minogue And Kylie Jenner Battle Over "Kylie" Trademark Name

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Jenner, having made quite a name for herself on her family’s reality TV show, recently sought to call dibs on her first name by filing a trademark for the name, “Kylie.” But that move is not going over well with another “Kylie” who was famous years before Jenner, 18, was even born.

Singer Kylie Minogue, 47, has filed legal opposition to Jenner’s attempt to trademark their shared name and also hasn’t been shy about tossing some shade Jenner’s way while she’s at it.

“Hello… My name is KYLIE #lightyears,” Minogue wrote in a tweet to her 2.3 million followers on Sunday. That line is a lyric from Minogue’s 2000 track and album ‘Light Years’. 

While Minogue may not be as well known to the young crowd that worships Jenner and her sisters on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, she has been known as just “Kylie” to her fans ever since her famous cover of The Locomotion was released off her self-titled debut album back in 1988, according to US Weekly

According to World Intellectual Property Review, Jenner put in an official request to protect her first name and its use for advertising services. But Minogue’s lawyers said such a move would cause confusion for the singer’s fans. 

Kylie Jenner

Minogue’s team also managed to land some sizzling burns on Jenner in the filed legal document. Minogue argues that Jenner’s monopolization of “Kylie” is undeserved because she is a “secondary reality television personality” and a “supporting character” on ‘KUWTK’.


The response also points out that Jenner has drawn outrage for her “controversial posts” on social media including criticism from “the Disability Rights and African-American communities.”

The Mirror also reported that Minogue has owned the website since August 1996, one year before Jenner was born.

Entertainment Tonight does point out that Jenner has a few successful business ventures of her own. Last December, her lip kit sold out in seconds. She debuted her own fashion line alongside her sister Kendall Jenner in January. The two siblings also have their own gaming app called “Kendall & Kylie” which is currently performing well on the iOS app store.

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