L.A. Dodgers Burglars Punished For Masked Stadium Theft

L.A. Dodgers

Burglars Punished

For Masked Stadium Theft

6/1/2017 2:57 PM PDT


The two L.A. Dodgers security guards who donned masks and stole a ton of gear from the team clubhouse have finally been punished … and are officially banned from the memorabilia biz. 

We broke the story … Fernando Sierra and Juan Dedios Prada were caught on video in 2015 sneaking around Dodgers Stadium (in masks) in an effort to steal game-used bats, gloves, etc.

Officials believe the guys had been doing it for a while — and made serious profits moving the stolen loot with the help of a 3rd man who sold it on eBay. 

Now, we’ve learned the 2 security guards (who have since been fired) cut a deal in which they pled no contest to burglary and got 3 years formal probation. 

As part of the deal, they are not allowed to sell any kind of sports memorabilia. 

The stakes are high because they also got a 16 month suspended prison sentence — meaning if they screw up, they go to the slammer.

The eBay seller pled no contest to receiving stolen property. He got hit with the same punishment. 

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