Lady Gaga Just Elected Trump

Lady Gaga


Besides 2016 being the year of the liberal echo chamber where being “problematic” on Twitter could cost you your job and wearing a Halloween costume that might offend someone could force you to do a Cersei penance walk while people who have their rent covered by their parents throw shit at you, it’s also the year we decided white people are the cause of every single bad thing that has ever happened. Then in a country with 77% white people, we’re shocked that Trump has kept the election close. If you think only racist rednecks are voting for Trump, you’re gonna be super shocked tonight. Maybe in 2020, we can change that narrative so people won’t feel the need to vote for a cartoon villain just stop listening to your insufferable whining and superiority complex. And to make matter worse, Lady Gaga showed up in Raleigh last night to campaign for Hillary Clinton looking like a Nazi intergalactic space overlord. That plays well in NC let me tell you.



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