Lance Armstong Blasts USC, You Crapped On Reggie Bush!

Lance Armstrong

Blasts USC

You Crapped On Reggie Bush!

9/13/2017 7:22 AM PDT

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Lance Armstrong just SNAPPED on USC, saying the school is full of crap for trying to rewrite history — AND he’s publicly torching the Trojans for the treatment of Reggie Bush.

This all started with USC officially listing it’s all-time record against Texas (Lance’s team) as 4-0 … seemingly ignoring Vince Young‘s soul-crushing 2005 Rose Bowl game victory. 

USC claims the record is accurate since the school was ordered to vacate ALL games from the 2005 season (including the Bowl game) stemming from NCAA violations involving Bush. 

And since that season included the Rose Bowl loss, SC says it’s 4-0 against Texas instead of 4-1.

Guess who ain’t having that? Lance, who took to Twitter not only to punish SC for omitting the L, but also for what he believes is the utter mistreatment of Bush, one of the school’s biggest stars. 

“Negative @USC, we were there. You lost the game fair and square. Btw, @ReggieBush is a f*cking legend that you sh*t all over.”

SC cut off all contact with Bush after they were hit with sanctions as part of an NCAA order to “permanently disassociate” from the sort-of Heisman winner. He’s not even allowed on campus. 

A lot of people — including USC legend William McGinest — have called for an end to the cold shoulder, but none as colorfully as Armstrong has.

BTW — USC plays Texas THIS WEEK. Should be good.

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