Las Vegas Sex Workers Complain That Presidential Debate Killed Business All Week

Mercifully the third and final US presidential debate was held last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, a couple of people willing to do ANYTHING for some money had a pretty bad night. I’m of course talking about Las Vegas sex workers. While Trump or Hillary are not even president yet, both of them are already taking jobs from hard working American women.

TMZ is reporting that during this entire week leading up to the debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Sin City was strangely drained of clients looking to pay hookers for sex.

While America was busy getting screwed by the two folks on stage, the people whose job it is to literally screw Americans were taking it easy. Some escort service owners have theorized that this was due to the strange mix of politicians and their staff coming into town. Unlike when other events happen in Vegas, these folks know that not everything that happens in Vegas stays there. They don’t want to get caught being the next Anthony Weiner.

The election and debates themselves are full of moments like the Donald Trump Access Hollywood “Pussy Grabbing” tape to remind the political crowd not to go around grabbing pussies willy-nilly for fear of the fallout. However, that seems like giving these political elites a LOT of credit. Like really, out of everyone in attendance they couldn’t find one person who was down for a little escort “service?” A quick trip “around the world” for a guy who has been around the world?

Or perhaps the reason the ladies of the night were having a slow night is that most of their clients were actually at UNLV, in the audience watching Trump and Hillary go at it. While the escort services and illegal prostitutes faced a downturn in business this week, the iconic legal brothel, The Bunny Ranch just outside of Vegas reported that business was booming. Way to bring back the law and order!

Not that one Donald!

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