Last Jedi Script Took Domhnall Gleeson by Complete Surprise

Each day that passes brings us 24 hours closer to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with fans eagerly awaiting the second Star Wars 8 trailer, rumored to air during ABC’s Monday Night Football on October 9. While promoting his new movie American Made, Domhnall Gleeson shed some light on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where he reprises his villainous character General Hux from The Force Awakens. Here’s what the actor had to say in a new interview when asked about the first time he read the script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“When I read it I needed to talk to him, and I think that’s always a good sign. I was like, ‘Wow there’s some stuff there which is kind of-not scary but different to what I expected,’ and that’s a really, really nice thing. I think that’s a really positive thing, I think that’s important for those films that we don’t repeat ourselves. So I just wanted to talk to him, and when I talked to him he was so clear and so confident, not in a brash way but he knew the film he wanted to make, and it was a really lovely thing. Just [to] sit down with a filmmaker you really enjoy… but to see him, just the confidence of it and his excitement about what it could be and everything, it was really pleasing to see. Very calming. And I got really excited about being in it, and it was a really very, very cool experience working with him. I would love to work with him again, I really enjoyed it.”

Just like the every Star Wars fan around the world, the actor revealed that he’s just really excited to see the finished product. It seems likely that the actor will have at least a few opportunities to see Star Wars 8 before everyone else, but even he doesn’t completely know how it will turn out yet. Here’s what he had to say below.

“I’m just really interested to see the film now, as well. You never know what something’s gonna be like. Even when you read the script, you don’t know what the tone of something is gonna be. You can guess at it, but I can’t wait to see it. I just wanna sit in a room full of people and watch that movie and see what it does to us.”

After the sudden departure of Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) on Star Wars 9, there were rumors that Last Jedi director Rian Johnson would step up and take the helm on this final installment of the new trilogy. The filmmaker later confirmed that he wouldn’t make Star Wars 9, but then shortly thereafter, LucasFilm announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams would return to the helm. When asked about these new developments on Star Wars 9, Domhnall Gleeson had this to say.

“(I found out) like two seconds before, but nothing’s revealed about which, if any of us, are in Episode IX or not. I think it’s really cool that he’s doing it, and I’m interested to see how he approaches it because he’s a superb filmmaker. And it’s closing out-they’re doing it in trilogies aren’t they? See that’s really cool, J.J. will do a fantastic job.”

The actor wouldn’t divulge any further specifics about Star Wars: The Last Jedi in his interview with Collider, and we likely won’t know the fate of Hux until The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15. It remains to be seen if we’ll get a new glimpse at Hux in this second trailer, when it reportedly debuts in a few weeks, but the December 15 release date will be here before you know it. Regardless of what happens to Hux, The Last Jedi is shaping up to be the biggest movie of the year.

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