Last Minute Tax Hacks That'll Give The IRS The Finger

United States Break fans, today is tax day and we’re here to show you some little known tax hacks that will save you a lot of money.

First Job Moving Expenses Deduction

If you moved over fifty-miles to start your first job after college, you can write off twenty-three cents per mile plus  any road tolls or parking fees you accrue.

That’s it

Seriously, that’s all I have.

I’m not a tax expert. I’m a writer at a comedy web site.

My boss just told me to write an article about tax tips and this is the only one that came to mind.

Don’t tell my boss about this.

If my boss knew that I under-delivered on this tax article, he would be really mad.

I need this job

I owe A LOT of money on my taxes which is why it’s even more questionable for me to give any sort of tax advice. Really, this article was a failure on all points.

Ugh, I’m really in over my head here.

I know, I’ll just Google tax tips and then post the best ones that I can find. It’s a little lazy, but if it gets the job done, then it’s good enough.

I tried Googling tax tips and they made no sense.

I read something about how you can write off state sales tax but I’m not an accountant, I have no idea what any of that stuff means. To copy and paste it would be irresponsible without knowing any context. Jeeze. I’m gonna be in so much trouble when my boss sees this.

Wait, here’s one.

Complete your taxes by the tax day deadline. If they are complicated, hire an accountant. Don’t lie and maybe you won’t get audited.

That’s it for Break’s tax tips. If you see me in the unemployment line next week because my boss fired me for not knowing the first thing about taxes, don’t be afraid to say hello.

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