Lazy People Rejoice, Scientists Are Working On A Real Exercise Pill

If you’ve ever gotten a clearly fake spam message offering a pill that guarantees to give you six-pack abs, tried to purchase that pill and than had your identity stolen by a Nigerian prince then today is your lucky day.

No, this guy isn’t going to give you 10 million dollars.

Scientists in the good old U.S. of A are developing a pill designed to tweak one of your body’s proteins. The protein, myostatin, builds muscles and also improves kidney and heart health. The scientists haven’t yet said if it’ll also increase your penis size by six inches but since this is a miracle pill so far, why not throw that in there.

The myostatin protein directly effects muscle mass. People with less myostatin tend to have bigger muscles. People with more tend to have smaller muscles. This pill presumably regulates your myostatin levels to give you peak bulk.

The study, which involved breeding mice with differing myostatin levels had some interesting results. Dr Joshua Butcher, the study leader said ‘While much more research is needed, at this point myostatin appears to be a very promising pathway for protection against obesity-derived cardiometabolic dysfunction.’ He continued: ‘Ultimately, the goal of our research would be to create a pill that mimics the effect of exercise and protects against obesity.”

Though your dreams of getting super ripped without leaving your couch are becoming a little closer to reality, this pill is primarily meant for people who are seriously obese, or those that have cancer, muscular dystrophy or AIDS. If you’re just lazy, we strongly suggest that you hit the gym, take up yoga or just try to live a more active lifestyle. I won’t be doing that though. I’m a lazy sack of garbage. God, this pill can’t come soon enough.

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