Leftists Keep Excusing Political Violence. Why That Will End Badly FOR THEM!

This week we witnessed brutal political violence on the streets of Berkeley unlike anything seen in the United States in decades. The reason? A group of rioters (successfully) attempted to shut down a talk by right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.

Along the way, these rioters shot pepper spray into the faces of defenseless women:

They showed how “Love Trumps Hate” by massive destruction of property including destroying yet another Starbucks, breaking into banks and trying to rob bank machines, multiple acts of arson, attacking passing vehicles and pepper-spraying the drivers, and tearing down a light pole:

They also chased and viciously beat any Trump-supporter (or just anyone they imagined might be a Trump supporter) that they could find.

They were beating them with metal bars, sometimes 5, 10, or 20 times. One man was beaten on the street until he stopped moving and was then left for dead by this riotous mob.

This is a Latino Milo fan who was beaten ten times with metal clubs:

And what about Milo Yiannopoulos, who the Leftist media are desperately trying to portray as an ‘alt right white supremacist’?

This is what he said:

But let’s be clear here: what happened at Berkeley was also the culmination of something the Left has been pushing toward for a long time now. They have been trying to pretend for years now that speech, that something you say, can be an act of “violence” against them. They kept pushing this over and over again, trying to erase the difference between mean words and actual physical violence.

Then they started talking about how this meant they should get to be violent back. But they didn’t mean with words.

Around the time of the Trump inauguration, they started talking about punching Nazis and how this is always justified – because they’re Nazis. And you know, like most people I wouldn’t cry a river if a real honest-to-god Nazi was punched, but the problem here is that the Ctrl-Left defines EVERYONE who disagrees with them as a “Nazi.”

It was obvious that the plan was never to stop at people who might really be real Nazis. The plan was always that by saying words could be “violent” they could then stop arguments they couldn’t actually beat with logic, being made by people they were too incompetent to beat with rhetoric, by just giving them LITERAL beatings instead.

They want to use violence to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

And they know the Establishment Media has got their back in this, so they assume it’s all cool.

I mean, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, in brief all of the Establishment Media insisted on calling what happened at Berkeley a protest. That’s what the leftist Establishment Media ALWAYS does, gives cover for leftist violence, while inventing imaginary right-wing violence to try to confuse the issue.

Leftists could literally gun people down on the streets, and the NYT would still be calling it a protest. But if a group of conservatives shout a bit during one of their events, now THAT’S a riot.

Just like to them Muslims are so incapable of committing terrorist acts that the media prefer to say that a bomb just exploded or a truck just drove itself, Leftist anti-Trump thugs are so incapable of rioting that beating someone half to death with metal bars is just “free speech.”

But Milo saying feminism is cancer, on the other hand, that’s an act of terrorism!

Like this tweet says, imagine if it was the other way around.

Just imagine it was Trump fans who were committing the violence. What would the left be saying about it? How would the media be reporting on it?

Definitely not like they are now.

People all over the Left have been excusing, justifying, defending or even actually praising these brutal beatings and other acts of violence. Like internet-famous ultra-leftist Arthur Chu, who claims to be a feminist but cheered at the girl being pepper-sprayed. But also much more mainstream politicians and celebrities. People like movie director Judd Apatow and Sarah Silverman praised “the resistance” and actually called for more uprisings like this one. On Twitter, Silverman actually called for the armed overthrow of the United States government.

Gavin Newsom, the former Lieutenant Governor of California voiced his support for the “protesters.” And of course numerous journalists working for Buzzfeed, Vice, MSNBC, all the usual suspects.

Most shockingly, Jesse Arreguin, the Mayor of Berkeley, took the side of the rioters and expressed how it was justified to attack “hate speech” by destroying parts of the city he’s supposed to be running and brutally attacking the citizens he’s supposed to be protecting.

In his original message, Arreguin had claimed Milo Yiannopoulos was a “white supremacist” and that this justified the actions of the rioters. He later replaced that statement with another, leaving out the blatant libel against Milo, but still supporting the riots.

All of which makes me think Mayor Arreguin should probably be investigated by authorities. Someone clearly ordered the police to stand down. It sure sounds to me like it might have been him.

In any case, here’s the part I really don’t get: How it is the leftists always think that this sort of thing will end well for them?

I know that, contrary to everything the media claims, most right-wing people are extremely law-abiding and peace-loving. We want to argue with our words, not beat up people who disagree with us.

But we also have way more people who work with their hands. We have way more football players and weight-lifters and wrestlers and boxers and martial artists. We have way more police and military servicemen. We have way more gun-owners.

That dude whose picture I put up, who was beaten ten times with metal bars? He doesn’t look like he’s in the best physical shape (sorry dude) or anything, but he still walked away from being hit ten times with freaking metal bars.

Can you imagine how incredibly wussy the front-line antifa warriors who assaulted him must have been like?! He described the people who hit him as “beanpoles.” Can you imagine how it would go for them if the other side started hitting back?

Seriously, Leftists, when the typical anti-Trump tumblr-activist looks like this:

And many typical Trump voters look like this:

Or like this:

Or like this:

Or like this:

It’s VERY obvious how this is going to go down. This will not end well for you, leftists.

I’m not trying to advocate violence here; that’s what the Left has been doing for over a year now. Like most people on the Right, I want there to be some other more lenient means to appease leftists into stopping the violence against us. But what I’m saying is that if we end up finding these ineffectual, we have recourse to more rigorous means.

In simple terms: if you keep trying to make political violence, OK, we’re going to KICK YOUR GODDAMN ASSES, you stupid pieces of crap. Seriously, how do you see that ending? We have all the guns and almost all of the real men; how do you think the civil war you’re trying to plunge America into will end for you?

There will come a time when we all decide to just be collectively sick of this. You better pray that President Trump ends up intervening, with legitimate governmental authority, before that time comes. One good step would be if Congress passed a bill that would DEFUND any school that failed to allow and to effectively protect the right to Free Speech on campus.

But if it gets to the point where the Right, who have never been the violent ones in any of this in spite of media lies, finally has enough and starts to punch you leftist-nazis back? There won’t be one of you assholes left standing.

Meanwhile, I leave you with the best re-election campaign ad Donald Trump could ever have:

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