Leia Used the Force in George Lucas' Original Star Wars Plans

Had George Lucas had his way, General Organa would have been using the Force a whole lot more and would have made a new scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi a lot less awkward. Mark Hamill recently spoke to Rolling Stone to promote The Last Jedi where he revealed that George Lucas had some different plans for Leia. The new movie is divisive amongst devoted Star Wars fans and Leia using the Force was a pretty bold move by Rian Johnson. As a warning, there are SPOILERS for The Last Jedi ahead, so read at your own risk.

Mark Hamill told Rolling Stone that George Lucas had originally wanted Leia to explore the Force in his versions of Episodes 7 through 9. Obviously, those ideas were scrapped when Disney bought Lucasfilm, but it sure would be interesting to see where Lucas would have taken the second set of prequels. Though Leia and Luke communicate telepathically, fans have never really seen her use the Force. Mark Hamill had this to say about Leia using the Force in George Lucas’ original writings.

“This is always something that interest me because we can communicate telepathically and I tell her in one of the movies, I guess the third one, you have that power too. So I always wondered, and I don’t read the fanfiction, why she wouldn’t fully develop her Force sensibilities and I think that’s something George Lucas addressed in his original outline for 7, 8, 9. I was talking to him last week, but they’re not following George’s ideas so we’ll have to wait and see on that one. But it seems like a waste of an innate talent that she should utilize in some way.”

Many fans were shocked to see General Organa get blown out into space, only to use the Force and fly herself back into the ship. Many fans call this scene “Super Leia” or the Marry Poppins scene, which also makes sense. It’s an awkward scene to begin with, but it’s just flat out weird to see Carrie Fisher’s Leia use the Force in such an obvious way. The images are already being turned into memes as we speak and will more than likely take over the internet after this weekend because of how bizarre the situation looks.

Leia’s use of the Force has been documented in comics and books, but it is said that she stayed away to separate herself from her brother, blazing her own trail. Claudia Gray’s Bloodline has further revealed that her connection with Darth Vader would have crippled Leia’s chances of getting a Senate seat like her adopted father, Bail Organa, had she decided to follow in Luke’s footsteps and become a Jedi. However, The Last Jedi was the first time that we saw some major Force usage from Leia.

General Organa dedicated her life to the Rebellion and the resistance and went up in rank, so it was probably for the best that she did not embrace the Force like Luke Skywalker did. There’s so many ways that Leia using the Force could have gone in The Last Jedi, so it’s more than a little peculiar as to why Rian Johnson chose this form as the first that fans see of it on the big screen. Whatever the case may be, it’s there for all of the world to see and it’s not going anywhere. You can check out more about Leia’s use of the Force via Rolling Stone’s YouTube channel below.

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