Lewis Hamilton Copies Justin Bieber, Goes Shirtless for a Purpose

Lewis Hamilton

Pulls a Bieber …

Goes Shirtless for a Purpose

8/6/2017 2:18 PM PDT

Lewis Hamilton has a new purpose at the beach … rep Justin Bieber to a T (shirtless).

The Formula One race car driver was out Sunday on a beach in Barbados, where he was rockin’ Bieber’s Purpose Tour shorts … the same ones the Biebs was seen in himself last week.

From the looks of these pics … Lewis must’ve thought they were gym shorts, ’cause he’s in full beach action mode … catching footballs and hitting the water.

One thing’s for sure — he’s got Bieber’s look down lock, stock and barrel … from showing off his tatted torso to even sagging a bit and giving Supreme some free press. Bieber did the same with Calvin Klein … but he’s got an endorsement deal with ’em. 

So the question here is … who did it better?  

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