Lindsay Lohan — Daddy Wants a Piece of Egor … After Weekend Fight (TEXT MESSAGES)


0725-michael-lohan-egor-tarabasov-tmz-gettyLindsay Lohan‘s father fired off a series of angry, threatening text messages to her fiance on the heels of the couple’s huge argument that had police rushing to their apartment. 

TMZ obtained the texts Michael Lohan sent Egor Tarabasov late Saturday night — and it’s pretty clear he’s already spoken to LiLo about the fight. Michael says, “You threaten my daughter, touch her or if anything happens to her and you will have no where to hide mother ducked like weasel.”

The messages are filled with typos — we’re guessing his anger had taken over. Michael continues … “VOME Here And Face ME like a man and bring your daddy and mommy.”

0725_micheal_lohan_text_message_tmz_wm_SUB-2As we reported — neighbors called police after hearing Lindsay yelling outside their apartment, accusing Egor of strangling her. 

Michael comes off like a Liam Neeson wannabe in the messages, adding … “Return her jewelry you broke phoney or I’ll take it out of your ass. I WILL find you.”

Lindsay flew back to the States on Monday sans Egor. We’ve reached out to him for his side of the story, but he hasn’t responded.

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