Lionel Richie's Bassist Stabs Himself Repeatedly After Ingesting Edibles

Lionel Richie’s Bassist

Stabs Himself Repeatedly

After Ingesting Edibles

6/4/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Lionel Richie‘s bassist had a horrific reaction after eating edibles … as in he repeatedly stabbed himself.

Law enforcement sources tell us a 911 call came in at around 10 PM Tuesday … the caller reporting a stabbing victim. Paramedics rushed to a San Fernando Valley apartment where they found Ethan Farmer bleeding profusely.

We’re told Farmer — who’s also toured with New Kids on the Block — had eaten either pot brownies or cookies and went off the rails, stabbing himself all over his body.

Turns out, the 42-year-old had some friends over and they were chowing down on edibles when Farmer suddenly turned violent on himself.

He was taken to a hospital where he remains as of Friday night. We don’t know his condition.

We spoke to Ethan but he wouldn’t say anything about the incident other than that he’s recovering.

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