Live Stream Video Of A Pub In Ireland Is Pure Entertainment On St. Patrick's Day

Americans tend to take the Irish holiday to the cartoonish extreme by going big or going home and that even means with the garish costumes that we often wear for the holiday. Well in Dublin, Ireland, they don’t seem to be any more demure when it comes to their holiday celebration proven by this amazing live stream video coming from Dublin, Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Sure, you could go out to a bar and spend eighty bucks on a few green pints for you and your friends but it’s much cheaper to stay home, watch this live stream and drink on the cheap with some real Irish folks. Also they’re probably having way more fun than you will.

After having watched this stream for the past hour on the Earth Cam, it’s been nothing but a positive celebration with a lot of drunk hugging…

…a lot of foam mustaches…

…and, of course, well…

Right now, it’s 4:55PM in Dublin so the real fun probably hasn’t kicked in just yet!

As far as fights, there hasn’t been any signs of those yet but the The Temple Bar where this party is taking place is no stranger to a good drunken brawl around this time of year, also captured on the Earth Cam.

Have a safe holiday, kids! And make sure to hug it out afterward.



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