Love 101! This Guy Couldn’t Find A Girlfriend So He Built And Married A Robot.

Zheng Jiajia, a 31-year-old engineer from China, had trouble finding a wife so he did the next best thing: build and marry a female robot.

It’s like they’re made for each other.

Now, before you try to marry your bagel oven you should know a few things about  Zheng. He isn’t just some loser. He’s an engineer specializing in AI. He builds robots for a living so him building a wife is a natural progression of his abilities, right?

I mean, I guess.

His robot bride, named Yingying can speak a few basic words. She can’t walk or do much besides that, but Zheng plans to upgrade her (it?) as the technology becomes available.

She does come with a weird red sheet, though.

We’re excited about this happy man/robot couple and while they haven’t announced where they’re spending their honeymoon, we do know where they won’t be visiting in the near future.

Magnet Factory

If there’s one thing robots hate, it’s magnets. With most digital data still stored on hard drives, and magnets being great at destroying those hard drives, I guarantee Yingying and Zheng won’t be spending their honeymoon at a magnet factory.

Auto Zone

Now I know Yingying is a robot so by default she loves oil, I doubt they will spend their honeymoon in the oil isle of an Autozone. Most honeymoons are a few days long and they’ll kick me you out of Autuzone if you stay overnight.

A Renaissance Faire

People at Renaissance faires are big fans of immersion and though they won’t kick Zheng out for bringing a robot into their fantasy world, they definitely won’t make him feel welcome. Sad, but true.

Inside A Large Microwave

Zheng and Yingying won’t have their honeymoon inside a large microwave for several reasons. One, the microwaves will surely ruin Yingying’s delicate electronics. Two, the microwaves will prove pretty damaging to Zheng’s internal organs. Of all the places these two lovebirds could have their honeymoon, I think inside of a large microwave is the least likely.

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